Will BoA remove a delinquency?

QuestionsWill BoA remove a delinquency?
asked 4 years ago

Hi All,


I have a question. I was thinking about refinancing my house. I screwed up and missed a couple of payments for my BoA card and noticed that my credit score took a big hit. I seriously thought that i had paid it and next thing i know it was 60+ days overdue. I made it current and have been paying it on time since then but this is the only negative on my account for the past 3 years or so. What are the chances of my getting this removed if I call up and ask? just wondering, unfortunately I had a smilar situation with Barclays like 3 years ago and they refused. These are the only 2 negatives on my report in the past 7years.  it would be big if BoA would remove this for me.



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