Why am I not pre-qualifying??

QuestionsWhy am I not pre-qualifying??
asked 4 years ago

We are closing on our house on Friday.  I have been in the garden all year.  I have been checking the pre-qualifiers to help me decide on which cards I want to apply for.  Chase is the ONLY site I pre-qualify for – Freedom, Slate and Sapphire.  I am opted in so it isn’t that.  I have a QS1, $ 4.5k limit with Cap One and they don’t even have offers for me!  Scores are almost 700 EQ and EX, 756 with TU.  AAoA is 2 yrs EQ and TU.  4 yrs with EX.  NEW credit is 8 mo.  INQ is 5- EQ.  3 – TU and EX.  Only had one HP for our mortgage loan.  The credit prior to getting a cap one card in November was back in 2005.  That account closed in 2011 due to lack of usage.   Only baddie was a medical collection from 2010 for $ 150 on EQ and EX.  I have never had a late payment.  I plan on apping anyway but am concerned that if I can’t even pre-qualify, I will have to recon or deal with toy limits.  


Which banks like people with new credit?  Am I better off waiting a couple more months til our mortgage reports or should I do it before they see that huge debt sitting there?

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