Why a Minimal Score Increase

QuestionsWhy a Minimal Score Increase
Waldo Perkinson asked 4 years ago

I have a concern I’d like to share. In the last month I’ve started to study up and learn everything about credit scores. I don’t think I’m in the category of rebuilding (Fico scores 700-716) but I’ve learned how to maximize my score. I’ve taken a bit too much advantage of intro APR and have for the last year had an average of 70%+ utilization. I have an account with Experian which monitors my file and updates my score daily. I just went from a 39% utilization to 31% and my score only went up a single point from 699 to 700. I expected something a bit higher after paying one card off, I wasn’t naive enough to believe the simulation on their app that said my score could go up 20 points for that payment alone. My question is, is this normal behavior, will I see a larger change when my banks report my current balances that are technically now under 10%?

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