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asked 2 years ago

Hi! I discovered last week that a collection agency reported a $ 116 debt from an old medical bill that I had no idea about to all three credit bureaus. I quickly contacted the collector, paid the $ 116, and the collector stated that the item would be “deleted” and dropped off my report sometime between now and the next 90 days. 


Since I’m in the process of looking for a business loan, I can’t wait 90 days for this item to be removed. This item is the only negative item on my otherwise healthy credit report, and is hurting me by at least 30 points, from what I see. 


It’s been a week since I paid off the amount, and since the collection is still there and marked as “open,” I have decided to contact Transunion to correct the now inaccurate information that is being reported. The quickest way to do so is through CreditKarma, but when I click on the “dispute” button, I get the options below, and don’t know which one to choose that won’t later backfire on me, and want to make sure I pick the right one, since some of these options seem very similar:


Are you disputing ownership or accuracy?

You can dispute either the ownership or the accuracy of this item.

  • Ownership is related to your responsibility, or liability, for the account.
  • Accuracy means you are the correct owner of an account, but your report has incorrect information about the account.

Choose one ownership reason.


The creditor agreed to remove my liability on this account.
I am no longer liable for this account due to a divorce.
This account was fraudulently opened by someone who stole my identity.
This is not my account. It belongs to a relative or a person with a similar name or address.
I have no knowledge of this account.
I am no longer liable for this account.

Select up to two accuracy reasons.

This record contains multiple inaccuracies. Please verify the accuracy of all data.
This account is included in my bankruptcy.
This account was closed by the consumer.
The creditor agreed to remove this account from my file.
The creditor agreed to remove charges and/or fees.
This account is deferred.
I am a victim of a natural or declared disaster.
Fraudulent charges were made on my account.
The balance is incorrect.
Insurance paid this account late. Please remove late payments.
I have Active Military Duty status.
The account statement was not received due to a change of address. Please remove late payments.
I have never made a late payment.
This account was paid to the original creditor prior to becoming a collection or charge-off.
This account is settled.
The terms are incorrect.
This account was transferred to another lender.”



Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!












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