Which Capital One card should I get next????

QuestionsWhich Capital One card should I get next????
asked 3 years ago

I currently have a secured Capital One (got it in Apr 2015) with a $ 500 limit and a QS1 (got it in Dec 2015) with a $ 1500 limit. Im ready to close out the secured, but needed advice on what my next step should be. Once it’s closed should I apply for a Platinum? PC the QS1 to a QS?


Sidenote- My scores went down a bit with my new cards and are around 650 across the board. I also have a $ 500 Barclay, $ 3500 Walmart, $ 500 VS, and two $ 1500 limit furniture store cards with a zero balance. I also refinanced my car in Dec 2015 for a low 1.99% interest rate. 






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