Which banks like you carrying a balance?

QuestionsWhich banks like you carrying a balance?
asked 3 years ago

I’m asking this question because my DW always allows her CSP to report 1k-1.8k/33,000 limit. They’ve never seemed to hassle her. Wells Fargo also doesn’t seem to mind $ 500/4.5k limit, She just got her Citi Diamond Preferred in the mail with a 9.3k limit and 12.24% APR after the 21 months of 0%. She only got the card to take advantage of the 0% Intro period since our pet came down with health issues and will be putting them on that card and paying $ 1000/mo towards it. But now she’s stressed out on her “what if” and is thinking maybe Citi will cut the card if we use 4.2K on the card on Thursday.. Smiley Surprised does anyone have any experience with carrying a balance on citi?

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