Which Amex card to 3x CLI?

QuestionsWhich Amex card to 3x CLI?
Lyda Cantwell asked 5 years ago


I currently have the following Amex cards:

– Blue Cash Everyday – $ 1000 CL

– Starwood – $ 12,000 CL

– HHonors – $ 3000 CL


On 2/2/16 I am due for my next 3x CLI.  But in March I plan on closing the Starwood and most likely the HHonors too, and moving the limits over to the Blue Cash.


So, at first glance, it seems like I should go for the Starwood 3x…but I don’t think I want to deal with whatever you need to do when you go over $ 25,000.


So I guess my options would be, trying to double my Starwood, to $ 24,000, and the combine for a possible Blue Cash limit of $ 28,000 

Or, 3x my HHonors for $ 9000, and combine for possible Blue Cash limit of $ 22,000


I have never combined Amex cards before.  I think I heard somewhere that you can’t move the whole limit over from one card to another, even if you’re closing it?  Do you have anymore info on that?


Ideally, I want the Blue Cash to be $ 20,000 – $ 25,000



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