Where to start, please help! Midland, Cap 1, and others

QuestionsWhere to start, please help! Midland, Cap 1, and others
asked 3 years ago

I’ll attempt to make this as easy to follow as possible. My credit is in the crapper, I’ve known it for some time, but due to circumstances way beyond my control, I am just now starting to be in a position to even do anything about it. I’ve been watching CK for several years, just found out here they are FAKO scores, so I pulled my actualy FICO’s yesterday and all three reports. Exp – 541 TU – 564 EQ 561.


When I pulled my reports, I see two default judgements. One from midland, one from Cap 1. Both are hovering around 1k. I read on here that midland was just ordered to vacate default judgements? I called the court on Friday, and they claimed on the Midland case that they served me personally. I always have an attorney on retainer because I own a business, and any and all legal paperwork immediately gets forwarded to him. I assure everyone, they never served. This Cap1 case says they served my wife at my business. Didn’t happen, my wife is never at my business, ever. What should I do on these? I will contact my attorney on Monday regarding these but I would like to go in with a direction for him. (Saves me money usually).


Beyond this, I am rehabbing my student loans, and about 90% of my negative info will fall off this year. In fact several items have already aged off in the past couple of months.

I am an AU on a Citi CC that is used strictly for the business. It has a 25k CL and currently near 100% UTI, this is common while we are nearing completion of a job, but always gets paid in full once a job is complete and the customer pays. This reason alone we are considering changing how we bill our customers. Also, this card has been reporting for 20 years and only has one 30 day late that was in 2013.


Any other advice on how to tame this beast? I applied (stupid, stupid, stupid) for Cap 1 plat and Barclay’s a day or two ago, no surprise I was denied for both.


I do have a mortgage, and it is showing mostly favorable payment history. Had a little issue with it in January 15 while waiting on payment from a customer. (If you are considering starting a business, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be usually) Age of it is 6 years.

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