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asked 4 years ago

Hey, all!


Been lurking for a while, but having recently been through the process of applying for a mortgage (denied) and referred to very expensive credit repair groups, I figured it was time to take action and get some help!


I have just signed a year lease, so I would like to have my scores where they need to be by July 2018 so I can purchase my first home.


I have several collections – 6 on EQ, 4 on TU, and 5 on EX. I believe all but one of these are medical collections from a time when I was young and living with my parents with no insurance. The one that is not medical is from Sprint and is at most $ 150.


I have a student loan with Navient with a 6K balance that I have gotten out of default and been paying on time for around about a year. I also have a secured credit card with my credit union (CL 200), Capital One Secured Card (CL 200), Fingerhut (CL 300) and a Credit One card (CL 300). The last two were just recently opened and none of the cards have been open for more than 6 months. I also have a closed auto loan for 10K closed in 2014 with one 60 day late payment.


Any advice to get me where I need to be rather than spending $ 500 on a credit repair service when I could just pay down my student loan?



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