Where do I go from this point??

QuestionsWhere do I go from this point??
asked 2 years ago

Hello All,


  I am looking for where I should go from here. I was just discharged from a CH7 BK on 5/22/17. Ultimate goal is to be mortgage ready (will pretty good rates) by 6/2019 (or at least to start looking around at this time). This is the accounts I have right now


Captial One Platinum : $ 500 (Opened on 5/23)

Victoria’s Secret : $ 250 (Via SCT)

Student Loans : $ 5,500 (estimated, in good standing, don’t actually owe payments until 5/18/2018 but I am actually done with school so I will probably have a payment due starting around fall)


I am not fresh out of college I am 31 and went back to finish up. I will be making payments to my SL regardless of wether or not I actually owe a payment. The lower I can get the loan the less interest I will be paying.


I was dumb with card way back when I was 18, realized how bad I was doing, so I cleaned up my act and battled over the course of years to get back to 720FICO. I was just around hitting it and lost my job. Battle the best I could for two years but ultimatley lost the battle and filed bankrupcty. My current scores should be in my signature. The Cap1 and VS cards havent reported yet so I havent saw the score bump from them yet.


I want to know what I should go for right now. I know I need to get to 3 cards and I really want to go for the Discover It card but do not want a secured card. I don’t need an installment loan because I have student loans. I own my car so no need for an auto loan at the moment (although my care could go soon so I might need to consider an auto loan).


I Burned Barclays,Chase, and Citi. All other companys I either didn’t have or never burned them. Never had Discover, BofA. I had a No Limit AMEX back in the day. One I found out it was no limit but the balance was due everymonth i canceled it very quickly.


The reason I am looking to do something now rather then later is I want no more then an inquiry or two on any report when I start shopping for a mortgage. I also want my AAoA high as possible. I am looking into adding a second capital one card shortly after my auto CLI increase from them. Ultimate goal with Cap One is to have Venture Card and QS card or some variation of that.


I want no inquiries affecting my score which should be easy to do come june of 2018 I wont be apply for ANYTHING until mortgage time.


Looking for everyone suggestions. I’d really like to get in with BofA and Discover but I am willing to wait for a score bump if thats what is needed. Also really want to get to 3 cards asap. I have even considered the dreaded Credit One cards but canceling at the 11 month mark like the 700 in 24 post.

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