When should this state tax lien age off of my CRs?

QuestionsWhen should this state tax lien age off of my CRs?
Nidia Esparza asked 4 years ago

Hello fellow rebuilders!


Well, towards the end of last year, I hung out on the CC board and got a good base of CCs to build and grow from.  Now I turn my attention back to cleaning up my report.


I’m hoping someone can clarify something.  I have a paid state tax lien that, according to my CRs, was filed on 01/2011.   However, it was not PIF until 01/2013.


Should this tax lien age off on 01/2018 (based on the date it was filed) or 01/2020 (base on the date it was paid)?


It is my understanding that the age off date is from the first date of deliquency.  So…I’m expecting it will naturally fall off my CR by 01/2018 (unless I have any luck getting it off my report earlier, but that may be wishful thinking on my part). Smiley Tongue


Thanks inadvance to all who may respond.


Happy Rebuilding! Smiley Happy

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