What should I pay off?

QuestionsWhat should I pay off?
asked 4 years ago

Hi everyone, I am wanting to clean my credit up for a mortgage and also just to actually get approved for better auto loans. I will post my scores and what is on my reports…not sure if I should pay everything smaller down or work on the larger items. I am going to try and get settled for a lesser ammount on some. I used to have an average score of 490 last year at this time, now I have EX 573  TU 577 and EQ 563  it has been steadily progressing. 


I have two previous Auto Loans on my report that were paid 100% on time, last year I bought a truck for $ 14,000 at 17%, I just got it refinanced this month (thanks to the increased score) to 11.99%  and I have paid it 100% on time as well


I don’t have any credit cards on the accounts


Here are my baddies:


Verizon Wireless from Feb 2014  $ 2,177.00  (closed account, didn’t pay the fees and kept phones) 

Progressive Insurance  $ 195.00  

Doctor Office Dec 2014  $ 126.00

Fingerhut Jan 2017 $ 90.00

Doctors Office Oct 2016 $ 60.00  (Paid off yesterday, not showing yet)

Medical Bill Aug 2015  $ 420.00

Medical Bill May 2011 (almost 7 years) $ 239.00

Medical Bill May 2011 (almost 7 years) $ 217.00


The Big One (Tax Lein Sales State Tax) $ 5,051.00  I don’t actually owe that much, from an old account for tax I didn’t close, but they filed judgement so not sure if I can go back or not or if I need to pay this full ammount) This actually didn’t affect my credit score itself, but I know it will for a mortgage or equity loan. 


Any tips where to start? Thanks! 



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