what is the next step

Questionswhat is the next step
asked 4 years ago

I recently pulled my credit report and had one collection I have no idea what its from and one credit card I never owned. I only had two credit cards, one from capital one and a PayPal card. My report shows capital one, capital one USA and the PayPal. Capital one USA is a collection/charge off. Called capital one and they only show me having one account with them. Sent a validation letter certified to fidelity and capital one USA, both was returned to me. Fidelity is reporting different balances to each of the CRA. Sent a copy of the certified mail, copy of the envelope that was returned to sender and haven’t heard anything from any of the CPA’s which I sent certified. What is my next step? I’m new to this so if you need any more information, please let me know.

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