What is the best way to….

QuestionsWhat is the best way to….
asked 5 years ago

Make long story short, some serious thing came up and forced me to use all my credit card and almost max out.  I got hit really bad with fico score, now my situation is covered and settled, time to starting paying my debts.


Question is


I have 4 credit card that I almost max out…I would like to know what is the BEST way to regain back my credit card.  Which option below would be best way.


1.Pay ALL credit card $ 100 on each card a month plus minimun charge on all 4 cards.


2. Focus to pay off 1 card first $ 400 a month, and pay minimun on other 3 cards.


3. Paid off the higher intereste APR first


4…open for other option.


What option is best to regain my fico score?


credit limit are

1. 12K

2. 5K

3. 5K

4. 5K

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