What If Creditor Can’t Verify Ownership

QuestionsWhat If Creditor Can’t Verify Ownership
asked 3 years ago

So I recently read an old post from 2012 on these forums where a guy experienced the same issue I’m having with the same OR and CA.

Citibank NA’s EO says she couldn’t locate my acct with them and was sending my info off to another person to have them locate my acct. I defaulted on a student loan that went to Capital Management Services. I made all of my payments through them and those payments showed on my credit report under my Citibank acct, not CMS.

the previous post I read said Citibank told that OP that they didn’t own the debt but CMS did and CMS said that Citibank owned it even though Citibank was the only thing reporting to the CRA’s. I’m getting the feeling that’s what I’m going with me too since CMS already told me that Citibank owns the debt and Citi is currently trying to find my acct.

I disputed this acct months ago but it came back saying it meets FCRA and would not be removed. But my question is, if Citibank and CMS are each saying they don’t own the acct, can’t I use that to have this removed from my CR?

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