what do you think about the tax idenification number they give ilegals?

Questionswhat do you think about the tax idenification number they give ilegals?
asked 7 years ago

Home loans for illegal aliens

Illegal aliens are connecting with mortgage brokers and lenders to obtain homes and home loans. Even though it is illegal to trespass our borders, overstay visas, and encourage and harbor illegal aliens, these schemes appear to be legal.

Citizen homebuyers can’t obtain mortgages without proof of identity, legal residence and a Social Security number. Yet illegal aliens are allowed to supply a taxpayer identification number which the IRS freely provides to anyone who asks – without doing a criminal background check. Indeed, many banks accept a TIN as the primary form of identification from illegal alien customers and they are giving them credit cards with no social security cards how many americans can get away with that? Wells Fargo normally offers clients without a Social Security Number a $ 300 credit card limit. After a year, if the credit card holder maintains a good record, the bank will increase the credit limit.

poshladdie replied 10 years ago


ren-n-stimpy replied 10 years ago

i think it it is identifing.

Life as Miri.... replied 10 years ago

I think the US laws need to change… drastically if they want to start making things right…. in one way or another the goverment gets money from all those illegal immigrants that pay taxes every year … but what about the rest.. some just get the money… wait till they have enought and leave without paying anything..leaving all the us citizens to pay it… how do u find those people once they left????.. that’s my question…

promosound2000 replied 10 years ago

Why you think so many immigrants in here? Because Americans give then JOBS!Because they come to work hard unlike most of Americans.They produce more?YES! is a fact! Why Wells Fargo do this because 97% paid in day their bills against 42% of Americans,strange?The fact is more and more American have BAD credit and foreigners spend less save more.More money to the banks.Besides you get a TIN because YOU PAID YOUR TAXES!If you are a banker you give credit to someone who works or someone who is in the welfare for years sucking in the system and his fellow Americans???

junior_03yes replied 10 years ago

Damn, So cute yet so ingnorant!

caroline_beauty replied 10 years ago

more legal taxes payed for the gov. to keep

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