What did/will you do to celebrate 800 Club membership across the board?

QuestionsWhat did/will you do to celebrate 800 Club membership across the board?
asked 4 years ago

When my Equifax score finally went over the 800 mark, I did a little happy dance, then shared the news with my partner. When my Transunion score passed that milestone, as well, I patted myself on the back. Oh, and I couldn’t stop bringing up the MyFICO app on my phone to look at my scores on the dashboard. LOL! Within the next month or so, I expect that my Experian score will finally cross that threshhold too.


All three scores over 800. That’s been my goal from the start. And I’m almost there!


After working so hard on this since March 2011, I really feel like I want to commemorate this event when it finally happens. What did you do (or what do you plan to do) when all of your scores pass the 800 mark? I would love your input! I plan to celebrate!


I’ve come to believe that building and maintaining excellent credit is both a journey and a destination.


The journey has taught me so much about how credit truly works, how to be a lot smarter about my money, how to get the most bang for my buck. how to be more mindful about all things financial, how to look beyond the next paycheck to see the big picture and so much more.


The destination? Well, even though I’m still waiting on one of my scores to cross that magical 800 line, I already have excellent credit. I have arrived at my destination! It’s easy to forget that the real goal is excellent credit and smart money habits and not just a score. And the destination feels fine, indeed! I’ve spent my whole life getting the heart-pounding shakes whenever I’ve needed approval for a loan or credit card. These days, I go into situations like that knowing that the question is no longer “Will they approve me?”, but rather “What will they offer me in an attempt to gain my business?”.


And that, my friends, feels damn good.


So let’s hear some suggestions for celebrating!

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