What Credit Card to Get With Limited Credit Report

QuestionsWhat Credit Card to Get With Limited Credit Report
asked 5 years ago

Hi all, I have pretty good credit and have posted on here a bunch of times and received great information. Now I’m looking for a CC for my boyfriend. I am not that knowledgeable about his type of credit situation so I’d like a little help. Here is ALL he has on his reports:


1 paid and closed car loan, no lates (closed 6 months ago)

1 open car loan, no lates (6 months old)

1 paid and closed Comcast collection (paid a few months ago. He paid as soon as he found out)


That’s it. Is there any hope for a store card or is it looking like he would have to get a secured card? I guess he tried for a Best Buy card a while back and got denied. Oh and I don’t know his Fico score so not sure if you can help with the limited amount of info I have given you. But really, there’s not much else to give!


He wants to get a CC to start building his credit. I would like him to stay away from First Premier and Credit One. ANY suggestions would be appreciated!

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