What cards would you recommend?? HELP

QuestionsWhat cards would you recommend?? HELP
Corrine Fifield asked 4 years ago


EX: 615 FICO8

EQ: 645 (FAKO)

TU:605 (FAKO)


3 years AooA

21 Inquiries in last 2 years/6 in last year

10 accounts open in last 2 years

39% Credit Used

3 Cards @ $ 500 each (Cap1QS1 – CreditOne – USAA Secured)

92% on time payments (22months since last late)

1 Collection (about to drop because of PFD)

1 Derog (Conns late – paying settlment monthly) – showing only on EX

1 Auto Loan (2years paid on time @ 19% interest)


Can anyone tell me what cards might be willing to approve me?


Also want to refinance my car because of the ridiculous 19%….suggestions?


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