What Card Should I Apply For?

QuestionsWhat Card Should I Apply For?
asked 3 years ago

I don’t have much credit history and trying to determine which credit card I should apply for. A little about me:

-24 years old with a full time job, not the best salary but working on that

-Credit Karma scores of 713 (although from reading on here, I am finding out isnt exactly accurate)

-Personal loan I received 11/2012 for $ 4200 and getting ready to finish paying off (always pay on time but just the minimum)

-Student loans I have been paying on for about 1.5 years with around $ 10k remaining through FedLoan (always pay on time and more than minimum)

-Car loan I have been paying on for just over 2 years with around $ 17,500 remaining through PenFed (always pay on time and more than minimum)

-Recently opened a Wawa credit card 11/2015 with $ 500 limit that I use for gas only (always pay on time and in full)

-Only negatives on my score are credit age and low number of accounts


I am looking to make my first semi large (for me) purchase ($ 1500-$ 2000) and was looking for a credit card to apply for to use for it. It has to be Visa or Mastercard as that is all the place accepts. I don’t have to put the full amount on this card as I can put some on my bank card if needed. I am interested in a card with 0% intro APR for atleast 12 months (although I see Capital One is 9 months which would really be fine too). I like the idea of cash back/rewards but not a necessity. I checked for pre-approvals and for Chase got Freedom and Slate and for Capital One got Quicksilver and Venture. I understand this doesn’t necessarily mean I will get approved though. Which cards (doesnt necessarily have to be through Chase or Capital One) would I have the best shot at getting approved for with a decent credit limit? I also came across the Susan G. Komen BoA Mastercard which seemed intriguing. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated! Even if its to say I am out of my mind haha Smiley LOL

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