What all is reported on the Chex system?

QuestionsWhat all is reported on the Chex system?
Dick Sissons asked 6 years ago

I applied to open a savings account at a local Credit Union and received a phone call today telling me I had been denied due to being flagged in the Chex system. She said laws probited her from discussing it, and to call my bank. So I called my bank (Regions Bank) and explained to them the issue. I’ve had my Regions bank account for over 7 years. The lady at my bank dug deep into my account and told me my account was clean and clear (which I figured), as I have never written a bad check, and I have always had overdraft protection, so that’s never been an issue. I also get direct deposit, so clearly my account is always in good standing with steady money flow.


After finding nothing and being just as confused as I was, she transferred me to the customer service line at Chex. After a 20 minute phone call with them, the woman told me that my Regions bank account is all clear, but that there was a flag elsewhere, and that she would be sending me a Chex report in the mail which would take about a week. However, she said that the only thing she COULD tell me over the phone is that the issue isn’t Regions bank.


Does Chex only look at banks? What else is covered on the Chex reports? I’ve only ever had Regions bank for 7 years. Before that I was with another bank in another city before moving, but that account was zeroed out and closed on good terms. I’ve had no mortgage, no automobile financing in my name, ect. What else does the Chex system look at? I know I’ll have to wait for the report to arrive in a week, I’m just very nervous that this could be an identity theft issue!

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