Went to pay my Chase Slate – Did I miss a payment?

QuestionsWent to pay my Chase Slate – Did I miss a payment?
Alina Whitham asked 5 years ago

I have 2 cards with Chase, the Slate and the Freedom. My Slates due date was on July 2nd, though I used it on June 30th to add $ 20 to my MetroCard.


I went on Chases site today to payoff the Slate and it said that I have a balance of $ 20, my payment due date was July 2nd, and the minimum payment due was $ 0. Okay, cool. The only thing is, when I went to payoff that $ 20 just now (I only like to have one of my cards report a balance), it said that I was paying the $ 20 on July 5th, but for the July 2nd payment. So does this mean its a late payment or what?


To be honest, I didn’t check, but I don’t even think that $ 20 would have shown up on or before the 2nd considering I used it on June 30th.






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