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QuestionsWells Fargo PFD or Settle
Genevieve Gariepy asked 5 years ago

I have an old Wells Fargo retail (furniture) charge off for around $ 900. WF still owns the debt. The SOL expires in Oct. They mailed me a settlement offer for around $ 250. They call me at least 3 times a day and never leave a message. I’m concerned that they are either going to sell it or file a lawsuit before the SOL expires in a couple months. We are working towards getting a mortgage by the end of the year so obviously I want to do everything I can to remove/handle it asap. I emailed the EO with a kind of combination goodwill/pfd using the settlement amount they offered but received the standard letter that they cannot delete.

Should I continue to send PFDs? Or at this point am
I better off trying to get them to settle without the “paid less than full” remark on my CR? Also, who is the best to negotiate with… EO, address on my credit report, number on the settlement letter? Any advice would be appreciated!

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