Well, I finally did it. 800 club and debt free

QuestionsWell, I finally did it. 800 club and debt free
asked 4 years ago

Well, I finally did it. 800 club and debt free


The long road from hell is over. The light at the end of the tunnel is no longer the headlight of a train coming the other way and getting ready to run me over!  I hit the 800 club and have stayed there for three straight months. In the past few years, I would jump back and forth almost weekly. High 700’s low 8’s for three years. The 800’s would never last very long. The ship is on a steady course now.              


My FICO Score – has now finally bottomed out in the 8’s instead of the 7’s (TU=808 EX=817 EQ= 812)

Moreover, as of ten minutes ago, I’m now debt free to boot. I just paid off the last of my debt of $ 1,400.00  on a CSP card with a 28K line/ limit. No car payments – NOTHING!


$ 900.00 mortgage, cable and electric. That’s it. I’m done. I need new furniture, but refuse to buy any. This just feels way to good!



THANKS only to the knowledge, insight strategies, stories and input from the folks in all of the different FICO forums. I’ll always be grateful.

I never thought I would feel this good after being financially **bleep** by my ex- many years ago.  But, it’s certainly possible.





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