QuestionsWE CLOSED TODAY!!!!!!!!
asked 4 years ago

We closed today! We are officially homeowners (don’t move into the house for three weeks though, still out of state and waiting on kids to finish school).


When I say if I can do it anyone can, I TRULY mean it. We had a 580 midscore when we were pre approved, they never repulled and thank goodness they didn’t because two collections hit my report before we were closed, that are not mine and I have recently filed a police report on, but they obviously lowered my score below 580.


We closed with 5.25%, 30 year fixed loan. I am so happy I don’t even know how to express it.


Our mortgage officer is having us refinance in a year so we can get rid of PMI and lower the rate once my scores raise higher.


If anyone needs his informaiton let me know, he services Missouri, Illinois, and I think Kansas…

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