walmart CC recommended for quick report

Questionswalmart CC recommended for quick report
asked 4 years ago

So on thanksgiving I applied for a walmart credit card while blackfriday shopping because of a deal that had going. I checked CCT this morning and the CC is already reporting and I wont even get the card in the mail for another week most likely! On top of that, they listed the opening date as November 1st and have an on time payment listed for november. So, unless I’m a rare case, I’d recommend this card to anyone who is just beginning their rebuild and is getting their three revolvers together and needs cards to report asap.


This is also the first card that has increased my score when it first showed up. My score went up 12 points overnight, despite the fact that it brought my AAoA down by one year. 


AND to top it off, I’ve gotten no alert to them checking my credit report. Maybe one of the bureaus is just running behind but usually I’m alerted the same day or within two days if someone checks, so I’m hoping I just slipped through the cracks, lol. *Fingers crossed*


If anyone has had any positive or negative experiences with this card, I’d really like to hear them.

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