Walmart card sold to collection agency

QuestionsWalmart card sold to collection agency
asked 2 years ago

I received a phone call from a woman who did not identify herself other than to say she had a file in her office from walmart that I maliciously took out credit with the intention of not paying. That is not what happened. I had a card for several months and paid on it regularly. Then my husband and I lost our jobs. We worked for the same company and were let go when the company closed. I had not worked their long enough to get unemployment and my husban’s unemployment was barley enough to pay for rent and food and utilities. The credit card defaulted and the late fees and interest started blooming. It went from $ 300 balance to almost $ 1500 in less than a year. By then we were so far behind on all of our bills and credit cards it was impossible to keep up. Now we are in a better place and I am paying off old debts. First medical bills as we have a child with cancer and the medical bills are overwhelming. Then we are paing on student loans. Then I will work on the credit cards and accounts. The statute of limitations on the walmart card is expired. I live in MS and the account was last report in 2012. The SOL is 4 years. I told the woman that and she got very angry. Began asking me if I was refusing to pay. I said I wouldn’t pay on a debt without verifying it. She said she would remark the account as refused and would begin further actions against me. She then asked if I was out on parole or probabtion. No idea what the hell that has to do with anything but I am not. I told her I would not answer questions about my personal life and again stated I would not pay for a debt I did not have verification for. She said they will be coming for me and hung up. Am I wrong that the SOL is passed? She said it is on the state the debt originated in and not the state in which I reside. I will work on payment arangements when I get these medical bills under control. Till then, they have to wait. Medical bills for my son’s treatment as well as his ongooing expensive medication is my first prioroity. 

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