Waiting…waiting…{satisfaction of judgment}

QuestionsWaiting…waiting…{satisfaction of judgment}
asked 4 years ago

Well, our journey has hit a lovely brick wall.  We paid a 5-year-old judgement a couple of months ago.  The plantiff’s lawyer was no longer in practice, so the County Clerk had us make out the check to the County Circuit Court and then they located and paid the plantiff.  It’s recorded in the court docket that this has been done.  But they didn’t let the plantiff know she needed to file a Satisfaction of Judgment.  After about a month, we hunted her down and requested she file one.  She was apologetic, said she didn’t know and she’d be happy to do it but was with her elderly mother who had recently had surgery.  I offered to get the paperwork and info for her so she didn’t have to hunt for the old records and she said thanks, she’d get it filed later that week.  Two weeks went by, we heard nothing.  I messaged her to touch base and got back one of the rudest messages I have ever received in my life saying that we waited 5 years to pay it and she was in no hurry to file the paperwork and that we were absolutely not to contact her again.  Huge 180 and kind of crazy considering that she didn’t try even once to contact us and pursue actually receiving the money after the judgment was granted.  

Anyway, this is the LAST piece of paper that we need for our mortgage preapproval.  Seriously, the last little thing.  We need this ASAP.  So I contacted the county clerk’s office.  Whoever I talked to originally was clueless and kept telling me that there was no way around having the plantiff file the satisfaction.  Which is NOT what the state statutes say.  I finally got to the actual county clerk who knew what I was after and was familiar with our situation having been the one to handle the payment.  She said that with the plantiff uncooperative and the court having handled the payment, it wouldn’t be an issue and she’d get the judge to sign off on the satisfaction that afternoon.  It’s now been 2.5 weeks and we can’t even get the clerk to return our phone calls.  DH and I alternate calling the office on a daily basis and are constantly met with she’s unavailable and will return your call this afternoon.  Which, of course, never happens.  It’s getting old fast.  I’m beginning to feel like this will never get done and we’ll be renting forever. :smileysad:

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