Virgin Has me feeling violated!

QuestionsVirgin Has me feeling violated!
Bernie Plunkett asked 4 years ago

I swore off Comenity and closed my accounts last year after seeing what was happening to others.

The Virgin / Alaska deal had me taking a chance again hoping for a BofA combo later.

i was approved for 7k and paid the $ 149 AF as soon as it posted. (Before I got the card).

Received the card today and tried to activate it……NOPE! Cancelled 4 days ago!Smiley Frustrated

I rolled the dice and lost! Smiley Very Happy

Had to argue with the CSR for the AF refund. She initially told me it was a processing fee. Bahahaha 

If any other high inquiry folks decide to get brave, don’t pay anything until the due date, just in case.


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