Virgin America Sig Visa…Production Error??

QuestionsVirgin America Sig Visa…Production Error??
Verena Steinberger asked 6 years ago

Still waiting to receive my new Virgin America Visa from Comenity–  I was approved about three weeks ago and have received the separate PIN mailing, but no card.  Called Happy Chap backdoor number (consumer relations dept) and was told there is a “production issue” with the embossing of the cards; there is no ETA for resolution/ mailing of the cards.  Has anyone ever heard of such a thing?  Maybe I live under a rock, but I haven’t–    My concern is because I have had so many issues with my Comenity cards and a Fraud Alert I placed on my acct four months ago that just wouldn’t fall off of Equifax for some reason; I was wondering if this could possibly (yet again) be causing the delay.  Any thoughts are appreciated.





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