Viewing accounts on Experian

QuestionsViewing accounts on Experian
Bernie Plunkett asked 6 years ago

I have MyFICO, Credit Karma, CapOne Credit Tracker and LifeLock CMS but I’m looking for a way view my current Experian collection accounts (not score). MyFICO does not show you current accounts or specific accounts that have dropped (not that I can find at least), CK and CapOne only show TU/EQ and LifeLock has not updated for me since April. Are there any free or cheaper sites out there that monitor Experian? I was able to have an old debt removed and I want to ensure it has dropped from EX. I did sign up previously for the 7 day EX trial, so I’m no longer eligible for that. Trying to avoid paying for a full report. Thank you!

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