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asked 3 years ago

So I decided to app for 1 of the 2 store cards that I’ve always wanted.  I apped for VS and was approved for $ 250. My first store card ever. 

I apped for Macy’s, Old Navy, and Discover IT but was denied. I am going to call Discover on Monday and see what they say. Macy’s is the only other store card I want. It feels nice to get approved. Now only if Cap 1 will approve my CLI requests then I’d be good to go. I’m hoping to app for Barclays after getting six months of re-establishment going. Slowly but surely my scores are going up. I’m hoping by June my scores will be well into the 600’s so that I can get approved for an apt. My EXP is 607 while EQ is 599. My TU is at 573 and will not move. UGH 

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