Very little Credit, help w/next steps?

QuestionsVery little Credit, help w/next steps?
asked 3 years ago

I am 30 but have just never used credit, always saved and paid cash, I’m responsible with money, have a good income at a job I’ve been with for years & have been renting my home for years, pulled my credit report and score 517: 2 collections accounts, 1 from a emergency room visit a couple years ago around 5000 & one from Dci for 340, dish network on that one-have dish in my home & have had for years and pay on time but let my mom get dish in my name and she stopped paying her bill=collections w/dci, even though I have dish today and continue to pay on time. Only other thing on report is fingerhut credit line of 130$ I’ve had about a year and never used. So does anyone have a recommendation on what steps to take now to start building up my score? Do I pay medical in full? Do I negotiate w/ dish? Or dci? What loans/credit cards do I apply for without harming my credit? Thank yall

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