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asked 3 years ago

I just received my 3 updated reports, it’s been 3 month so I looked at my updated reports. I want to start by saying I had a chapter 7 BK discharged 2 years ago and i cleaned everything off my reports, other than the BK. I have zero baddies on my reports, no late payments nothing. I have 7 charge cards 7% uti, im carrying a balance on two’s a low balance no where close to my limit. I know carrying a balance on only one card may help a little. After the BK my scores were 400-450 range.  I want to buy a house in June or July of this year. My fico8 scores are ok there  EQ 675  TU 707  EX 700, but where my fustration and disapointment lies is in my Fico scores used for a mortgage.  EQ 656  TU 698 EX 663. I really want to hit 680 for a middle score they tell me this is the minimum score for electronic under writing and a decent mortgage rate. MY average credit account age is to low at 11 months, so hopefuly time will help this a little. I guess my question is what the heck can i do to get my mortgage scores up? I dont have mortgage loan past or present reporting on my credit reports. I have a 10 month old car loan always on time and a 16 month snapon tools loan always paid on time. 

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