Verizon “validation” letter with no substantiation and no acknowledgement.

QuestionsVerizon “validation” letter with no substantiation and no acknowledgement.
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I requested Verizon review a debt it has reported for seven years as collection account $ 288 and provide billing statements to support the balance.  I had sent them proof of canceling service and returning equipment most recently in January 2014 when they also coerced a settlement payment toward that disputed debt of $ 57.  They have never provided bill detail to support the debt level.  


They replied by sending an apparent form letter validating a debt of $ 57 and two billing statements, the last balance on which was $ 127.

The letter did not mention this was a correction to the previous reported level (reported incorrectly for 7 years).


I had to laugh that the letter was debt validation with no substantiation, no link between balance claimed owed and balance on statement sent.

1.  Is this typical to validate without substantiation.

2.  Want to send another letter asking for substantiation, but having trouble writing out what I mean.  What I mean is how did they calculate the amount they had been dunning me for ($ 288), how they got there from the $ 127 show on the billing statement, then how did they calculate the $ 57, and how did they get from $ 288 to $ 57).  I need to see detail by date to ensure they are not charging for access etc after I canceled account and equipment.

3.  Verizon balks at “opening” up an account which they considered settled.  I settled because they gave me no choice, holding services on my other, longer standing account hostage to payment on the debt even though it was in dispute.  I think what they validated is merely the amount I paid in settlement.


Thoughts?  Words?  Strategies?

Thank you

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