Verified collections and CA added 6 new collections! Please help!

QuestionsVerified collections and CA added 6 new collections! Please help!
Dorine McLaurin asked 4 years ago

Hi Guys, 

Merry Christmas to me. I woke up today to find that 6 new collections were added to my experian credit report. 


I have come across many posts on this board saying how collection Shield 360 has helped many people get collections removed from their credit report (Even unpaid collections). Mine are unpaid medical collections that I plan to pay, but I wanted to verify these first, and hopefully get them removed from my credit in the process. So I signed up, and off my disputes went. 


The collection company in question is Collection Consultants of CA. They are collecting for Kaiser Permanente. So, I’m not sure what happened here, and what to do next. I sure havent received any mailed notice of these If I did, a small collection for example would have been paid within 30 days to avoid reporting. Should I pull my account from Collection Shield? So many questions. And It’s freaking Christmas morning when this updates. I am livid. Collection Shield only deals with Transunion and Equifax, and the original collections appeared on both Transunion and Experian. They verified the original 3 based on Transunion, and the new accounts are listed under experian, So collection shield will not dispute them. Perhaps the CA knows that and decided to mess with my experian report… Or maybe I will see another update on Monday on one of the other reports.. 


What was existing: 


Account 1: $ 540

Account 2: $ 241

Account 3: $ 239


What Shows now: 


Account 1: $ 540

Account 2: $ 241

Account 3: $ 239

Account 4: $ 128

Account 5: $ 85

Account 6: $ 51

Account 7: $ 104

Account 8: $ 63

Account 9: $ 197


I can pay the majority of these, I just wanted to verify the collection company has the authority to collect and the validity of the debt before I pay.. Now I feel like I made a huge mistake and I’m so discouraged. Any advice? 





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