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asked 3 years ago

Good Morning Everyone Smiley Happy


I currently have two capital one cards. A soon to be 9 year old QS1 and a 1.5 year old QS. Both of these were converted to QS1/QS from Platinum Mastercards in March 2015. I have 6 vacations next year and I believe it is time for a miles card. I want the Venture just because me and Cap One have been on and off friends for many years and I just prefer them over others. In February, I will have to reserve a hotel and that’s when the first trigger is pulled so I’ll probably app for the Venture in Feb. I still have 5 collections, and by Feb will probably have 4 (used to have 13+) so it’s a little if-fy if I’ll get approved.


If I app for the Venture and do not get it, then I plan on trying to PC one of the above cards to a Venture. If I’m successful with that and miss the point bonus, if I apply for a Venture later in 2016 and get it, will they still let me go for the point bonus since I’ll already have a Venture? And when I do app and get that venture, is it possible to de-PC the PC’d venture back to a QS?? I don’t want to lose my QS1 because that’s my oldest card on file and it has a 9.7% APR.


Last question, if I end up with two Ventures, are you able to move the points (or whatever they are called) between the cards like you can do the QS Rewards?


Also to point out, my QS has an Authorized User (my sister) which also throws a wrench into the issues. Just trying to help her get some credit before she sets foot in the real world.


Thanks everyone!! Smiley Happy

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