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Markus Pinkham asked 6 years ago

Hi all!  So I recently paid down a few of my cards, and as of last night (Saturday) the new UTIL reflected on my Experian report — but no change in score.  When I paid down my FingerHut from $ 225 – $ 0 on a $ 250 CL, I shot up 7 points but it took a day or 2.  I paid down one $ 1,000 CL to 15% UTIL from 75% UTIL, and 2 other cards to $ 0 from 80% UTIL (My NFCU VISA and Credit One, both $ 700 CL).  I’m expecting a jump for sure, as my overall UTIL went from 81% to ~ 40% .. Just want some input on how fast scores update after UTIL is lowered or any changes are made to the report in general !  FYI*  I use EXPERIAN Credit Tracker with a FICO 8.


Thank you !!

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