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Tristan Schilling asked 4 years ago

Usaa recently opened a credit account with a 10k cl without my approval. If you want the whole backstory it’s in another post. The last I heard they were sending it to fraud to have it closed in a way that wouldn’t hurt my credit report. Fast forward to today and I call to check on the status. 4-5 reps later and I’m nowhere closer to having my problem taken care of. All they want to do is close the account and have me take a hit on my cr or just keep the cad and 10k cl. They keep asking if my wife opened the account behind my back which I found insulting. The funny thing is they keep admitting that they have no record of the application on file only that I somehow have an account. I explicitly tell them not to close the account bc they kept trying to be sneaky and close it. Well I just looked at my accounts online and the card is gone. I’m frustrated bc I know they closed it. I’m so mad right now and my impulse is telling me to get rid of all of my accounts with usaa but my better judgement is keeping me from doing it. I’m mad now but usaa has otherwise been good to me and I have so many accounts with them. Before you ask…the reason  I don’t want to keep the card is because I want a limitless and usaa only lets you have so much open credit plus it would make it harder to get in the future with an extra account. My question after this long vent which I thank you all for letting me do, is how bad will a recent card being opened and closed hurt my credit score? They’ve only pulled once on experian for the three cards that were opened(2 legitimate ones). Am I making a mountain out of a mole hill?

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