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asked 3 years ago

I have a bit of situation.


I have three baddies left.  Two that I am trying to GW, and another I am trying to PFD


The one GW I am trying to work on is USAA.  

I sent them a GW request about 3 months ago to the office of the CEO, the lady who called that time was very nice and helpful, but said there was nothing they could do at this time, because the have to report accurate information, etc…..ok, no problem.


I just decided to try and GW again.  They called me two night, and this lady was just plain mean.

She said, “Listen, we have to report accurately, and fairly.  You have already had the account verified through the credit bureau, and this is your second letter to us about a goodwill exemption, we will not entertain a third. It will automatically be denied.”



How should I go about this?


A Little background. This was a $ 48 ($ 48 measly dollars!) balance that my ex-wife left on my CC that went to 120 late and was charged off (04/2013) until I paid in full (12/2015) when I started paying attention to me credit.  Which means this will be on my report until 04/2020

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