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asked 3 years ago

Hi Y’all!

First I wanna thank y’all for the priceless and invaluable knowledge y’all have helped me thru these forums. I don’t know how I’d accomplish everything without all your help.

So… Thank you so much!

Anyways, just wanted to get your take on the reliability of the US Bank pre-qual page especially those people with experience on the result of their apps after their pre-quals. I just tried it out and it keeps giving me three diff cc’s depending on the categories I choose. I really want to get in with them but I’d much rather not waste a HP if I’m just gonna get turned down anyways. I heard they’re a very conservative, tough and “relationship” oriented bank much like wells fargo and I don’t and never had a relationship with them any time in the past. But there’s not a single branch within 500 miles from me. I also hear that they’re not BK friendly as I have a BK7 discharged 01/2011. They’re not IIB. I’ve already re-established well with 0 baddies since bk. FICO8 across all CRAs range from 711-715 as of today. AAoA 6.8yrs per Experian Credit Tracker. About 42K total CL across 12 accts plus 1 auto loan 18K all perfect payments. UTIL at 5% total and only on 1 acct the rest at 0 as I PIF everything before statements post. What do you guys think of my chance getting approved for any of their non-secured card? I’m really interested with their cash365 amex as it fits my spending profile almost perfectly.

I’d really and greatly appreciate all inputs no matter the relevance.

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