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QuestionsUS Bank Cash+ Amex?
asked 3 years ago

Hi all,

Long time lurker. Have learned a lot about credit and have gotten a nice portfolio of credit cards over the past few years. So thanks for all that!

About two years ago, I applied for the Cash+ and was sent the Cash Rewards with a $ 1000 limit. I was a new US Bank customer and not in their footprint, so I assumed that may have been the case. After checking their pre-approval link yesterday, I was pre-approved for the Cash+, Cash 365, and FlexPerks. A nice ego boost, especially from US Bank!

Today, I called to ask if there were any offers on my account to switch to the Cash+ I do eventually want two Cash+ cards, so decided to try this route first. The representative gave me two choices, a Cash+ Visa or a Cash+ Amex. I was concerned that he may be thinking of the Cash 365, so I asked if there were any differences in the rewards structure or in the benefit of the cards. He said there was no difference, just the payment network, and that the Amex had a slightly lower interest rate. I decided on the Amex and thanked him.

Later on, I was again concerned that I may have gotten the Cash 365 instead. I called them again. Another representative seemed a little surprised to see a Cash+ Amex, but did say it was a Cash+ and not a Cash 365.

I’m a bit scared that when the card arrives, it’ll be a Cash 365. Has anyone ever heard of a Cash+ Amex?


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