Unsuccessful Rehab on Student Loan

QuestionsUnsuccessful Rehab on Student Loan
Dick Sissons asked 5 years ago

We finally went to the bank yesterday and started the process for a home mortgage loan. We chose Wells Fargo. The mortgage consultant said everything looks good and that we could get PreApproved once we figure out what to do with a student loan which we had in rehab after defaulting however not fullfilling the terms of the rehab. We’ve been paying $ 200/month on the $ 18k debt. Mortgage consultant said we could write letter to underwriter and explain that even though we are paying the Dept. of Edu will not change the status. Or we could get a personal loan to pay off. I was somehow able to get TU to remove the debt entirely but it still shows on EX and EQ. Any suggestions or other options you can recommend?

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