Unknown Collection Hurting Scores

QuestionsUnknown Collection Hurting Scores
asked 2 years ago

Hi everyone. I have in Month 5 of my Credit Rebuild Journey. The baddies on my reports are 2 charges off paid in full. And on equifax there is this one collection called the collection bearue of america. I disputed this collection and without the investigation being complete; this account just showed up on my experian report dropping my score from 696 to 672. Current UTI is 10% with overall available credit of 50K. I have gotten 6 cards in the past three months and my last app was April 20, 2017.


Current FICO scores are TU: 695, EX 672 and EQ: 638. I dont know what else can I do to bring the scores up. I am 99% sure that the collection and I disputed it. Now its showing up on 2 CB;s.


What can I do to recover from this? I have to let my reports thaw; I understand that but what else? to bring it 700 all across CB’s?


Please advice


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