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asked 3 years ago

So my application was moving right along until 2 weeks ago. I was approved and all my conditions met. Now due to my closing date in the contract being May 6th its just sitting at the underwriters desk. This is irritating me to death!!!

My conditions were all things pertaining to outside entities. They got them back promptly. My LO has also been prompt and respondsive. Everyday he updates me that we are both just waiting. He’s becoming frustrated too. Much like a real estate agent he doesn’t get paid until closing. Thus feels like a game at this point.

Something that would probably take 10 minutes to look at is just resting on a desk and it’s outside of my control so I’m basically freaking out. Hopefully they don’t stall me this long then ask for more stuff. Congrats to all those people with underwriters who close based on file completeness instead of contract date.

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