Unauthorized Credit Pull By Century Link

QuestionsUnauthorized Credit Pull By Century Link
Doug McCaughey asked 6 years ago

So today I called Century Link. I already have service with them I was calling to resolve a billing discrepancy and what a represtative to me through chat, what I agreed to and what my bill reflects ect. I negotiated a 6 month promotion at 14.99 for 6 months. But I recently moved and the representative that put in the moving request said that my promotion basically is starting from month 1 of 6 no contract. So when I called about it today I ask what was the max speed I can get on my current promotion and he told me I was already max out but there’s another one year promotion at $ 29 for 40mbps which wasn’t for from my current price so I agreed and he sent me an email confirmation. 


So 5 minutes later I get a credit alert from CS and it’s a hard pull from qwest/centurylink. This was just a promotional upgrade and I already had service. And I was never asked or told by the representative for authorization or told it would involve a hard pull. I called about it right after and every rep I talk to said that shouldn’t have happened anyway it was just a service upgrade. I spoke with the highest department I could speak with and they’re saying they can’t do anything. I can I go about this situation and since it wasn’t authorized would that make it a FCRA case?

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