Turned down Cap1 CLI

QuestionsTurned down Cap1 CLI
Betsy Morell asked 5 years ago

Well, I got a little antsy and requested a CLI on my QS MC at the beginning of August via the luv button, got the 2-3 day message, and was declined because my account was too new.  I’ve had the card for two months,  and only one statement had posted at the time, and was PIF.


My second statement just posted on the 5th, and was PIF the day it cut. Tonight I am trying to keep at bay a desire to app (which I will probably post about in a minute), so I figured, what the heck, let’s just try the luv button again. Cap1 instantly approved me for a hefty $ 250 CLI, which I declined. Guess I will wait til third statement is PIF, then try again! Smiley Happy

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