TU EE for judgement?

QuestionsTU EE for judgement?
Kermit Dove asked 5 years ago

Does anyone know if TU will do an EE on a judgement?

Background– hubby had a Cap 1 card that was sent to Blatt Hasenmiller Liebsker & Moore for collections. They sued and got our checking account garnished for the balance owed. Judgement filed in June 2010. I can’t remember DOFD but TU is showing it will come off in Sep 2017

I’m thinking its best to wait but it looks like there are currently court fees remaining of $ 125. We are hoping to app for a mortgage in the spring and I don’t want this to negatively affect him. At first I thought maybe we should just pay it off but it seems like more trouble than what it’s worth. Can he request EE of this item in say April 2017? Or would this not be even factored into a mortgage app due to the small amount of it?

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