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asked 4 years ago

Has anyone disputed multiple things on TU and when you went to check the status, its showing 1 or 2 of 3 (for example)  right away or basically the next morning after you started the dispute, and what were the results?  Long story short, I have 3 CA on TU and EQ and just 1 on EX (all IIB) but I called to GW and both companies told me I needed to “dispute” it with the CB and request deletion…So I did that.  TU came back with 2 of 3 completed like the next morning.  I would assume that is bad sign?  Those 2 are slated to fall off my reports in JAN 2016….the other 1 is slated to fall off in JUN of 2016…Thanks everyone!

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kevonthetrack replied 4 years ago

Hi, when will the next video explaining the credit repair Business be
posted? Sounds very interesting

Matthew Wach replied 4 years ago

I want to learn about everything you do! It absolutely fascinates me!

colescreditrepair1 replied 4 years ago

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