TU continues to be slow

QuestionsTU continues to be slow
Cindy Guffey asked 5 years ago

So, officially both EX and EQ are over the 600 mark, finally!!  The one collection I had fell off both, ALL 3 new secured cards reporting (keep in mind I opened then in March and April-so I wasn’t expecting a couple of them to show for a while).

WF, CapOne and Discoverit (which I just activated a couple days ago).


Of course as usual, TU holds slow, I’ve disputed the collection and it’s ‘under investigation’- the only show ONE card (the WF)- seems to me they are slower then molasses in updating their crap.




I’m getting excited-I know I have almost a whole year before my Amex CO falls off but it’s getting closer. I’ve made arrangements for my lien payments so soon those will at least show paid (almost unheard of to have these deleted if it’s a state lien I hear).


Thanks to all of you for all the help!


Oh I ended up deciding to add my fiance and also my two teens on my secured cards as AU for DIscover and Cap1- I will not be giving them a card but fiance needs a thicker file, and I’d like to get my teens started on the path to building now while in HS.



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